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Propoza is quotation and proposal software for e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento. As Magento 2.0 launched on 17 November 2015, we also launched a new Propoza version fully compatible with Magento 2.0.
In this blogpost we want to update you on the features of Propoza, new functionality and what you can expect from us in the feature.

Quotation Functionality

Say, you’re a web shop owner and you would like to offer quotation functionality to your (potential) customers. How can Propoza help you with just this? What are the features? And how does this improve your sales?

Step 1 – Download and install
Start by signing up and downloading Propoza for free. Installing Propoza adds a bit of code to your website that communicates with our API. It’s really quite simple, no need to have any coding experience or know-how before you can start.

Step 2 – Customize
In the end, your customers can request a quote and you can send a proposal. You can customize the look and feel of your proposals with the Propoza customization options.

When you’re done, your customers can add products to their shopping cart, but instead of needing to ‘buy now’ they can also ‘request a quote’. When they choose to request a quote, they need to fill in the quote form.

Customize the form
What details, apart from the product details, do you need to know? First name, last name, email address? Or company name and phone number? You decide with our form builder:

When your customer has filled in his details and sent the Request Form he will see a popup:

Thank You popup

You, the shop owner, will now automatically receive a notification that someone is waiting for a proposal. Simply log in to your web store’s backend. In our new release, it’s now possible to have your Quotation Dashboard embedded in your webshop’s backend. Otherwise, you’ll still have an overview of all quote requests via your Propoza account.

Dashboard view

Simply select the request you would like to create a proposal for.

Customize logo, texts and prices
Before you send out proposals, you can customize the layout of the PDF’s and proposals you want your customers to receive.
From your backend you can go to the General Settings and upload your company logo, add your Company details, T&C’s text, manage translations et cetera.

Quote Request Example

Step 3 – Send your proposals
When all those customizations are done, you can simply change the price and send it back to your customer. Send it as an email or even as PDF, your choice! All from your existing backend! It’s really as simple as that.

Step 4 – Convert proposals into orders
Your customer will receive your custom price proposal. Now hopefully, he’s indeed happy with the price and he clicks the “accept” button. Depending on your platform and plan he can either simply continue and check out with the new price, or you will receive a new notice and can create the order from your backend.
Of course, sometimes customers might “decline” your offer. They can simply add a reason to that. It might be they want a cheaper deal or still have some questions about shipping.
Propoza will help you with these kinds of negotiations so you can simply create a new proposal with all the existing client- and product details.

Propoza Proposal Software adds a new sales channel
Instead of leaving your website because they can’t commit directly, your customers can now ask for custom price proposals. This will actually help you to serve your customers better and will improve your sales!

New release
Lately, we have improved our functionality in a few areas:
– Magento 2.0 compatible. Magento has released their new platform, Propoza is now fully compatible with this as well!
– Translations are easier to manage in the backend

– The Propoza merchant dashboard is now fully embedded in your existing webshop backend. No need for the merchant to go to an external website (e.g.

We’re always working on Propoza. For the near future a few of the main thing we will incorporate are:
– Plans. Our free plan will always be free, but some new features will be added to our standard plan
– Seoshop and Lightspeed POS. Besides being compatible with WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento (both 1 and 2) Propoza will also work seamlessly with Seoshop/Lightspeed POS
– Prestashop checkout. At the moment, it’s not possible to convert quotes directly into orders through the Prestashop platform. This will change very soon
– Multilingual. We will add several standard languages to our setup so you won’t need to manually translate and customize
– Quote Only Mode. We’re working hard to make it possible for you to hide your “add to cart” buttons so you can actually have a “quote only” webshop. Great for B2B webshops!

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